woman standing in front of white board giving sales seminar

National Credit & Financial Executives Forum

Toronto CA, Feb 2018 Our organization provides educational opportunities to Senior Credit Managers and Financial Executives in the Greater Toronto Area. As a guest speaker, this workshop helps them understand the different working styles they must endure throughout the day.  Awareness increases the opportunity for flexibility and patience.

group of women gathered to take picture

ROC Radio Appearance

ROC Image showcases great people in our community and provides a positive forum for listeners to hear about the many opportunities to make a difference that exists here. As a Representative of RWN’s board members, our group discussed the importance of Women-owned Businesses.

Accomplished saleswoman makes her own way with training firm

By: Nicole Sheldon August 23, 2019 Cindi Crowley was as surprised as the person on the other end of the phone when she declined a lucrative offer.The price was right, she got along well with management and it was a sensible move in her career. But her gut saidit wasn’t right. The woman told her to think about it and …