Customized Sales Training Workshops


What do we do?

We provide customized training programs that integrate the company’s culture, synergies, and objectives for long -term results. By identifying and targeting critical selling behaviors, our training focuses on comprehensive program for improved business objectives.

Our training begins before the workshop training, by taking the time to understand the customer need for improved productivity by working with the customer to create a training program that will encompass a solid solution for their company.

Our sales training has been successful in that we become an extension of the company’s training department, working parallel with the staff, with comprehensive measurable plan tied to company metrics.

Our Advantage
When I was a leader in the telecommunications industry, I found it very difficult to have my staff go to training for a ½ day and then come back only to not be able to integrate with the day-to day tasks. Often the training gets lost in the “stress” within the first thirty days. I wanted to take training to the next level. By integrating the training program into the team’s daily work, it becomes part of the process, and is repeated.

Improving company growth possible through sales transformation.

Examples of Sales Training Workshops

  • Winning Value Propositions
  • Effective Method of Handling Objections
  • Using Your Customer’s Language
  • Creating the Right Probing Questions – Discovery Discussion
  • Why B.A.N.T !
  • Negotiating and Closing Techniques
  • Talking With the Right Person and the Right Time.
  • Creating the Urgency in the Sales Process
  • Solution Selling – 7-step Process