1:1 Sales Coaching

A true business coach is one that “can impact the growth of a business or individual."
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What do we do?
We provide 1:1 coaching to individual contributors and executives on a consistent basis throughout the contract. Our tailored sessions begin with a review of the previous session and the results from the technique discussed. Our coaching uncovers a  new technique that will help in the daily work that has been a challenge. Roleplays and strategies are a very important portion of the coaching. We as coaches have the role of pointing out different perspectives, giving our team members new methods of approaching the issue.

Our Advantage
Coaching is a way to connect with people and their working style. Unless people get comfortable with new approaches (and held accountable), they may never get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 1:1 coaching allows for test and improve on the method discussed. It has been very successful for the sales process.

Sales teams and Executives have improved their objectives by 25% by reducing the duration of the sales cycle.

Examples of Sales Coaching include:

  • On-site or virtual meetings in providing a comfortable environment for better learning conditions.
  • Prepared agenda of topics for discussion are provided for time effectiveness
  • Written feedback summaries provided for long-term reference.