Speaking Engagements


What do we do?
Our speaking engagements are entertaining, energetic and well- rehearsed in content. We provide inspirational, motivational speaking events that gives the audience a new perspective on sales practices. One of the differences in our speaking engagement is the customized approach we incorporate with each audience we present to.

Our Advantage
Audiences want to takeaway content that has value to them. We work with clients before the speaking engagements, interviewing  key influencers to fully understand the purpose and current situation of the speaking event and the expected results.

Audiences are “wowed” with new ideas, new perspectives, and new methods to improve their role.

Examples of speaking engagements include:

  •     Time is Money
  •     Speaking your customer’s language
  •     The Common Elements of Success
  •     Handling Objections
  •     Pre-Closing Techniques
  •     Body Language
  •     Consultative Solution Selling Process
woman in white dress standing in front of  white board with "personality styles" written on it